Tur haqqında


Time: 09:00 – 18:00

Date:  any date

09:00 – Meeting tourists by the guide at the hotel. Transfer to an fire temple “Ateshgakh”. The territory of the temple is known to the world due to its unique natural phenomenon - the burning of natural gas (gas, breaking onto the surface, lights up after contacting oxygen). The temple in its present shape was built in the 17th – 18th centuries, but the history of the place goes deep into the centuries - roughly from the beginning of our era the territory hosted the sanctuary of Zoroastrians.    

  12:00 – Transfer from “Ateshgakh” to “Dalga Beach” Aquapark.

13:00 – Lunch time.

14:00 – Relax time. Places to provide the complex Dalga Beach Aquapark Resort 10 swimming pools, 5 restaurants, 7 bars, 6 different water town, children's club, swimming pools for various water sports, a place for day games, VIP pool and other places, nightclub, a variety of beach beds. In the three pools during the day you will be offered various water games. In the surf pool with 7 kinds of waves you will get a lot of pleasures. For the first time in Azerbaijan in our Holiday Center on the seashore you can experience your strengths in such kinds of water activities as a parachute, scooter, playboy, sibob, banana, mable, fly-fish , ringo. Small children will be served by a children's pool with a depth of 60 cm. In the Recreation Center, in addition to swimming pools, there are 3 more decorative pools.


  18:00 – Return to the hotel with good memories.

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